Sunday, November 22, 2009

Switching Gears

Today at lunch Vaughn suggested that if Jacob and I wouldn't have another baby he would get his own - via Santa of course! I said Santa doesn't bring babies (kind of like they don't bring mechanical toys at Kahmali's house) but Vaughn dismissed this with an optimistic "you never know." I said, "What about a punching bag?" but he still felt that a baby would be better. Rather than trying to change the subject I decided to pursue this a little further - why, exactly did he want a baby. Turns out he thinks that babies can be trained to wash dishes. What is so hilarious about this is that it is not as though Vaughn is expected to wash dishes or do really much of anything around here so I'm not sure if he was hoping to replace his current workload or what. Anyway-in the end he said it was that he "really just wanted the cuteness."

**As a side note I've remarked to Jacob that I find it awfully interesting that somehow I'm the only one who has to deal with Vaughn's babylust. He never brings it up to Jacob.

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a nervous complaint said...

You mean babies and punching bags aren't the same thing?!