Thursday, June 6, 2013

You May Be Experiencing Some Changes

Vaughn's class is doing the big fifth grade puberty talk this week and he and his class are all aflutter. I felt a little remiss in our parenting duties when I saw that his pre-test was basically a series of 'don't knows.' We did the big talk on where babies come from a couple years ago (complete with a book!) but I guess we neglected to think a refresher course was necessary since just recently he asked me if families where two men have a baby would have a shot at super tall kids (probably mentally replacing me with any number of our tall male friends to increase his NBA chances).

Anyway, they have been disappointed each day that the separate male/female talk gets postponed and yet each day when he thinks it is going to happen there is a bit of posturing about how it is likely to be 'the worst day ever' since it will be 'so boring' with health class. The other fifth grade class is ahead of them and has already had their big separate talk. Apparently Vaughn's class spent recess yesterday peppering their more worldly collegues with questions only to be told that it gets 'much worse.' That's puberty for you.