Monday, November 9, 2009

Keep to the Code

Sometimes I find myself looking forward to the end of the belief in Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy. This is mostly because it can be very confusing as parents are always mixing it up. There should be rules - maybe as a standard appendix in the back of baby books. For instance, just when I thought a dollar had become the gold standard for a lost tooth, the Tooth Fairy had to go and bring Sten a whopping FOUR Dollars (true- he lost his first tooth a good year and a half after most kids lose their first but still). Then Vaughn told me that he wanted the Tooth Fairy to start bringing him Pokemon cards. I explained that the Tooth Fairy only trafficked in dollars but apparently she does bring his friend Harman Pokemon cards. Kahmali's family seems to have a rule that Santa doesn't bring "electronic presents" which, while quaint, is going to be difficult to explain when other classmates are discussing their new Nintendo DS systems courtesy of the North Pole.

I also don't like the way that Vaughn is devising ways to scam the system. Like asking Santa to bring him the entire drawer of Pokemon cards he saw hidden behind the counter at Rite Aid. As though Santa were a magical partner in crime. After he saw the Rite Aid treasure trove he scribbled out a note to Santa and put it by the exposed chunk of old chimney in our kitchen despite the fact it does not lead to any actual fireplace. The worst part about this note though was that it was asking Santa for "The World's Most Powerful Pokemon". Now I don't even know what that would be and it's not like Pokemon Corp. will make it easy to aquire. I think Santa may have to write a note explaining the evils of big corporations. Or maybe he'll write a story of a little girl in Poland who only had one Pokemon card but love in her heart. At any rate, this might be the last year Santa comes through. Tonight at dinner while playing the guessing game Taboo, the answer was "The Abomidable Snowman" and my clue was "He's not real and lives somewhere cold" and Jacob blurted out "Santa!" You can only cover for that kind of misstep for so long.

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