Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jump Around

Before I really dive into this next post let me first say that it is SO much easier to clean the backyard this fall without the goats or chickens. As I was outside raking it really started to occur to me why people might not have a bunch of animals.

Anyway, so Jacob's been taken down by a cold. And when Jacob gets a cold he is really taken down. In our division of labor it has generally been decided that he takes Vaughn to birthday parties because he is clearly the more social of the two of us. Today- literally three minutes before they were to walk out the door to a birthday party - he pleadingly asked me if I might consider taking Vaughn to the party. He looked so sad and pitiful that I agreed.

It wasn't until I got to the party that it really hit me that, although I had showered, I had just put back on the same shirt that I had worn to work yesterday (and then slept in) and the yoga pants I'd been living in. I also hadn't bothered with deodorant.

The party was at a bouncy castle emporium called Pump It Up in a giant industrial park in Beaverton. After watching a quick safety video on how to not squish each other in the castles, the kids shucked off their shoes and began running around in the first room. I settled in on a bench but after about ten minutes got the news that ADULTS could jump and play in the castles. I tossed off my shoes and ran to find Vaughn, who honestly seemed sort of embarrassed to see me as the only adult out there. Pretty soon a few other adults started also playing but anytime I strayed too far from my primary playmate I felt less legit and more strange- like those people who still go roller skating at the roller rink on a Friday night by themselves.

We ran around in the first room for about 15 minutes and I was satisified to think this was a pretty good substitute for the gym workout I'd be skipping today. While I was running and laughing just like the kids, I'm guessing few of the six year olds were thinking I'll bet this is really toning my ass! while scampering up the inflatable ladder for the giant slide.

Half way through the party they shuffled us into an adjacent room that was bigger and had even bigger bouncy castles. After about five minutes in the room they cut the lights and rainbow disco lights started up with really bad 90's dance music. It created the bizarre sensation of being at a rave with a bunch of first and second graders.

Fifteen more minutes and we were directed into the party room for cake where our early 20's host stood at the door with a giant bottle of hand sanitizer to squirt us with before cake time.

Vaughn, possessing the skills only a Japanese hound dog might have, immediately figured out that the goodie bags contained a Bakugan. He was too late to choose his seat based on which bag contained the best Bakugan so while other kids sat and ate their cake he worked the room, trading up a total of four times before finally coming away with a G-Level he was satisfied with.

All in all it was a really good time and I found myself wondering if my friends would drive to Beaverton if I had my birthday at Pump It Up. But then again, I'm guessing alcohol doesn't fit with the safety policy.

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