Friday, June 5, 2009

"I Wrote That Poem - And Then I Published It"

From "A Room Full of Poets" - By Logan's First Grade Class

"The Blacks"

Five days ago I had the blacks.
The blacks that make you feel bored
The blacks that make you feel bad
The blacks that is the darkest
color in the world.
Black, Black, Black,
Black in the world.
Black can come in different colors.
Black Dark
Light Dark

I'm really tempted to write some comments - but I think I'll let this piece stand alone.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The End of The First Grade

School is winding down once again and we're getting ready for summer. As things finish up one of the big tasks facing Sunnyside is getting all the library books returned. How are they getting the kids to look under their beds and return the missing books? By promising them a bead! That's right, a single "magic" bead. I'm not sure how far up the grade levels this enticing incentive went (maybe sixth graders get two beads) but it worked on our kiddo who reminded us for days to get the books located so he could claim his prize. I kind of feel like a sucker for giving him $3 a week for chores that don't get done.