Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sometimes Vaughn says questionable things like, "Where does daddy keep all his money?" and I worry. But then I find out that he just wants to know where to put the money he owes him for Pokemon cards and I feel good again. Yesterday he said, "On this day the dog will pay" which sounds bad but he gets pretty defensive when I discipline the dog so I think we're okay.

I found out today there is an entire wiki site for Pokemon! If you are old enough to understand and navigate a wiki site aren't you too old for Pokemon? It must be sort of like the Eagle Scouts of the toy world. It's also called Bulbipedia - which makes no sense to me but very few things about Pokemon do. I felt bad today because Vaughn asked me for the millionth time to compare two Pokemon and tell him which one I liked best. I was cranky and so I said, "Vaughn I really don't care that much about Pokemon" and he was sad and then said, "Daddy likes it." Jacob: 1 Leslie: 0

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