Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Done!

Yeah! Michael/Annalee/Sten came over for dinner last night and to fill out ballots. There was healthy debate over the merits of reading everyones bios in the pamphlets vs. going off of our trusty liberal media cheat sheets. I think Michael learned a valuable lesson in not just voting based on an "interesting" OPB interview with a candidate as he ended up voting for this guy:

And Jacob learned a valuable lesson in blindly trusting Michael. Pavel Goberman- you scored two votes last night.


Annalee told me yesterday (and I may be misquoting a bit) that Sten's teacher told her he had said, "I might take a little while to finish things but I think you'll find I'm a pretty good kid." That might be the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Menagerie in Fall


Here are a few pictures from the trip to Austin-
Monica poses with a smokin' hot automobile while Colin poses with the famous Stevie Ray Vaughan statue. The skeleton is from The Museum of the Weird where you can see all kinds of unfortunate dead animals with birth defects. I'm wondering where one buys such a thing as "Cyclops Pig"?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Fun Times

This weekend we got up super bright and early to hit the pumpkin patch with our friends, Michael/Annalee/Sten and Team Bowman (Shawn, Bo, Xander, Lucy). Knowing h0w crazy Sauvie Island pumpkin picking can be, we convened at 8:30 am so as to be there at 9 am sharp when they opened (listen, unless you've been stuck for 3 hours on a one-land Sauvie Island bridge you have no right to speak).

We did the corn maze (relenting to pay the full price after Jacob unsuccessfully tried to "talk them down"- he should have known they were serious by the sign that said "No 'It's too muddy' Refunds"). But then we got cold and hungry and bailed when everyone was waiting in line for the hay ride (no matter how many times Annalee explains it to me- I just don't get the appeal of the hay ride). This bought us time to take a nap before everyone came over that evening to watch movies, eat food and carve pumpkins.

We did our requisite stop at the Linton Feed Store on the way home where, once again, I was told I'm feeding the goats the wrong food/amount. It's a wonder they are still alive with as much conflicting information as I've gotten. Honestly, you'd think I was raising zebras. Anyway, they are now also 'dewormed' and yes, the medication is oral.

Here are a few pictures. I especially like how Jacob unself-consciously donned Vaughn's hat. It was so small on his head that he was able to stick his cell phone in the side - making it look like a strange version of the Bluetooth.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooray4Pie and More

Check me out! Gettin' a blog! Makin' a blog! Big shout out here to mom, dad and Aunt Peggy who are bound to be the most loyal fans. I'm joining the millions who think people want to read their everyday thoughts and opinions. Actually, I think this will just be a cool way to share the day to day stories of Vaughn and the rest of the gang.

Tomorrow night we'll be watching the final debate (whew! sort of like a runner that barely makes it to the finish line). At my suggestion we're doing a "Last Supper" potluck theme. You are supposed to bring two dishes you'd want as part of your final meal. It's macabre- but it's election season and Halloween so I'd say it's perfect. Plus that guy just got executed despite the court argument that he was too obese- do you see how it all fits together?

Anyway- this is enough creativity for one evening. An attempt to put up a picture and then it's off to the couch for a movie. Oh- and Hooray4Pie? Yeah- had to pick something.