Monday, November 16, 2009

Round Two

Today I went in for my pre-op appointment for my second bunion surgery. I got into the waiting room and it was small and crowded and filled with ill-behaved children (actually just two but they take up more space). I had only been there for three minutes when a lone purse sitting on a chair had a phone go off inside. The ringtone was Katy Perry's wretched song, I Kissed A Girl. Apparently the owner was in the doctor's office and just left her purse in the waiting room. The ringtone played the entire song - or at least a good two-thirds of it. I didn't even know you could get ringtones that long! It ended and then one minute later started up again. There was an older couple sitting a few seats down and the man turned to the woman next to him (presumably his wife) and asked (hopefully?), "Is that your purse?" It was not. At that point I got up and walked into the hallway dividing the two waiting rooms. I could not make eye contact with the fellow patients while that song was playing. My timing was right because it started up again.

The appointment was fairly routine and, since this was my second surgery, I knew the drill. I was disheartened to hear I won't be given the option of the dissolvable screw this time since Kaiser decided to stop dealing with the company that makes them. Also, when I asked if I could get one of those plastic coverings that would allow me to take a shower instead of flopping into the bath with my leg hanging out I was told that they weren't offered and if I needed to keep my foot dry I should wrap it in Saran Wrap and stick several plastic bags over it. I find this particularly insulting since, as I pointed out, I had seen a poster for these leg coverings the last time I came to get sized for my crutches.

As is Kaiser's way I had to sit for a really long time in the waiting room but I came I way with this awesome picture of my X-Ray. I sent it to my brother on the way home and was texted back, "Gross. What is that?"

** So the little round lump to the right of my big toe is actually a bone that floats in the tendon running under your foot. Normally it is under the larger bone that is jutting out to the left on my foot. They'll cut the bone through right under where the bunion is, rotate the bone, pin it back so it is straight and shave off any extra material. I'll be left with a much more aligned foot and a scar to match the left.

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