Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Can't Eat Just One

Jacob has long suggested that a way to deal with Suki jumping up on the table and stealing food would be to put something really spicy up there to teach her a lesson. While certainly not intentional, yesterday Suki jumped up on the table and polished off nearly a pound of See's Candy which ended in memorable results - although it remains to be seen how much of this will stick with Suki.

As you probably know, chocolate is toxic to dogs. She threw up on both the couch and "The OPB rug" ("The OPB rug" is a hand-knotted prayer rug and one of my most prized possessions - one, because I actually won it after a pledge drive donation for OPB and two, because it's retail value was more than we would ever spend on a rug. Despite having almost all it's tassels chewed off and being peed and thrown up on multiple times, I still proudly display it in the living room).

Jacob had neglected to tell me she had even eaten the candy until the puking started and as I frantically searched veterinary websites at the computer I read his own words back to him, "While some may be tempted to say 'serves him right for eating the chocolate, he got what he deserved', this is no laughing matter." After doing the toxicity calculations several times, I finally decided that the chances of serious injury did not warrent an expenisive trip to the veterinary hospital.

Approximately twelve hours later (at 3:45 a.m.), just as the website predicted, I had to rescue a whining Suki out of her crate to wisk her downstairs for the first of many desperate bathroom trips. I immediately picked her back up when she came back in the house to avoid her dashing off to a remote corner of the house (there was no way I was taking a chance with her spending the rest of the night out of the crate - the puking had depleted our stash of paper towels). After closing the door the crate I realized I had somehow managed to get poo on both my hand and sweat pants. I washed up both in the bathroom and crawled back into bed - thankful for having an extremely high gross tolerance.

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