Sunday, December 21, 2008


The freezing weather continues up here delivering more snow than we've ever seen in Portland. Lucky never did return. I believe she wandered off and got stuck somewhere - like the poultry version of Into the Wild. I was sadder about this than I thought I'd be and found myself looking out the back window hopefully several times a day. Muffy-Fluffy also became despondent and sat on the floor of the coop getting snowed on. Last night we moved her into the basement which Annalee suggested was toying with the potential for Bird Flu. I imagine if there was a Bird Flu outbreak in Portland our neighbors would just shrug in a way that says "not surprised" upon hearing it emerged from our house.

The snow hasn't been all bad though. We sledded at the park yesterday and Michael and I felt inclement weather and pear brandy in the middle of the day made a smart match.

Today I got up early and shoveled pathways out the front and back so that everyone on four legs could get around without sinking up to their belly (which irritated Suki so much that she decided to tell us by coming back in the house and pooping and peeing).

Later our neighbor Ruth came by to bring Suki over for a play date. Suki's play dates at Ruth's house are wonderful because we can truly enjoy having her gone without feeling guilty since she is being showered with love and attention. Ruth told me that her family has gotten Suki a Christmas stocking with gifts which I'm sure does not include a "No Bark" shock collar - the only gift Suki was slated to get from us.

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