Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Goats

I've decided to find a new home for my beloved kids (keeping only Vaughn). The noise and the mess are more than I (and I do believe my neighbors) can handle. It is very sad but I believe in the end they will be happier with more room. I have found a prospective parent- a 4-H leader no less!- who has 14 years of pygmy experience and has a small heard on 5 acres. I'm very excited and believe the goats will do well there.

I was nervous to tell Vaughn after my attempt to cull the heard by way of re-homing the rabbits resulted in protest but it turns out the only thing he was upset about was that we'd be "down to only 9 animals." Always quick on my feet I said, "I'll buy you two new fish!" Sold.

1 comment:

sandy said...

I'm sorry the goats are gone, but I am glad you sent them to a big farm where they will have more room.