Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sometimes you win one...

Last night was a miserable knock-down drag 'em out tantrum night. First we had to tell him that Michael had asked if we could limit the number of Bakugan we purchase for the kids to 12 total to stop the insane one-upping each other that was taking place. We agreed and told Vaughn only to be told, "Thank you for delivering the news that you're never going to give me another Bakugan as long as I live!!" Then it was just a sad, series of events that resulted in the usual tears, stomping, door slamming, etc. Sometimes I swear we have a mini-teenager. Peace only came with bedtime.

Tonight though- sweetness and light. I was told that dinner was the best thing he'd ever had (taco salad thankyouverymuch) and after dinner he thanked me heartily and cleared the entire table. A never before seen occurance. To appreciate this you have to understand that sometimes - sometimes - he'll take his own plate to the counter. Kids - they push you the brink of insanity only to lure you back.

PS Picture is of a couple weeks ago with Wendy and Becky's pumpkins - Sydney and Olivia

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