Saturday, December 27, 2008


It is a strange thing that something that can in an instant make everything clean, bright and pure can just as quickly make everything a disgusting brown slurry. This is especially true around the Menagerie and so I spent some time taking stock of the state of the yard today and tried to clean up a bit.

The goats' den was completely scooped out and replaced with fresh hay and I felt relief as I cleaned out the basement knowing they'd be sleeping back outside again (which I am confident is proof I am not crazy - crazy animal people let the animals take over their home completely whereas I have only jeopardized resale value).

Moving around in the backyard I held out hope that Lucky might come tooling out from under the stairs or porch. Ultimately I uncovered a clump of feathers that told me I had just found all that was left of poor Lucky.

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