Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Didn't See You There

The rain has brought slugs into our basement- and not the little kind either. Big, fat, brown slimy things that lay down silver tracks everywhere. Tonight I decided I'd scoop the one I'd found up and put it outside. Specifically, I thought I'd put it on the dustpan and fling it outside.

After being chastised by Jacob for showing him my capture (Fine! Yes- it's gross.), I opened the door to fling it out into the night toward the street. The only problem was, as my arm flung I noticed a man walking his dog from the street up on to the sidewalk in front of my house. He quickly ducked and put his arms out. I gasped and said, "Oh no! Did uh...anything hit you?" No - it turned out he was just teasing me (I can only imagine what the view from the street must have been - man out walking in the rain with his dog only to have crazy lady open the door and fling a slug at him).

At that moment Suki bolted outside to menace him and his dog. After doing the usual "she's not dangerous just obnoxious" speech I felt the need to explain to him that I had found a slug in my basement I needed to get rid of. Defeated, I finally said, "I must be your most favorite neighbor right about now." "Yeah," he replied "Great introduction."

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