Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swim Bladder

Every time someone new comes over they alert me that my fish is dead. She's not really. She just suffers from "Swim Bladder" (near as my internet veterinary training can tell me). It's a rough thing really. When she is hungry, she swims normally and the after she eats (presumably until digestion occurs) she floats belly up. I don't overfeed so I'm not sure exactly how this could be happening and, being a goldfish, she only warrants a certain amount of internet research time. It's a rough life.

In other animal related news- the bunnies got a last minute reprieve from Vaughn. It was very "Charlotte's Web" where Fern saves Wilbur from an untimely demise except Vaughn just saved the bunnies from going to a home where someone might actually play with them.

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