Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Reduction in the Menagerie

I think we're going to find a new home for the bunnies. They just aren't getting any love (save for a few moments from me in the morning) and Vaughn keeps forgetting to close his bedroom door (allowing Suki to come in and terrorize them).

The menagerie seems to always expand and shrink.

Jacob wants to take a survey of the neighbors to find out if the goats "MAAAing" is annoying (Please respond: a. The sound is delightful and I am immediately whisked away to Heidi and the Alps; b. I'm tolerating the situation because I looked into it and they appear to be legal; c. I've tried sneaking into your backyard to poison them but I'm afraid of that insane little dog). I really think we should relax in the fact that, for the most part- neighbors have said they enjoy them and no one has complained yet (although I did get one, "So YOU'RE the culprit"). Anyway, I just love those little fat composters.

In addition to the goats being under attack - Annalee said last night at dinner that if the economy should collapse and we all had to live togther Suki would have to go. Really now, is that any type of conversation for a lovely Saturday night? We need to perk it up a notch.

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Lou said...

Poor bunnies - probably the least intrusive members of the whole menagerie and the first to get the boot. A lesson here perhaps?