Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Thanksgiving and Medium Goldie is Dying

The Menagerie is experiencing a sadness this Thanksgiving holiday (well, at least I am- all other members seem unphased) - Medium Goldie is laying on the bottom of the tank and seems to be on her way to the open sea in the sky (if I'm going to make up a fish heaven - it would have to be the sea and not the big fish tank in the sky since that doesn't seem fair. Although Medium Goldie is not a saltwater fish so I guess it would have to be a pond).

Anyway- the whole thing is very sad. She may be just a goldfish but she is laying on the bottom of the tank, little fish mouth slowly opening and closing and I'm on "Medium Goldie Death Watch" walking by every so often to confirm she's still with us and feeling even sadder each time I confirm that she is. I'm unclear what the humane approach in this situation would be. It may be time for Mestman Mercy Killing Corps to spring into action.

The MMKC has had to take death into its own hands twice before - once when Clucky (chicken) lay dying on the coop floor and we had to employ a (regrettfully) dull axe and another time when a rat got its head stuck in the "Have-A-Heart Trap" we purchased (in an effort to NOT kill the rats) and had to be drown when she could not be unstuck.

Medium Goldie had an okay life but I have to think having swim bladder wasn't easy.

11/28 **UPDATE**
Medium Goldie is still alive. I repeat - still alive! However, in a somewhat related story of death and Thanksgiving - I see that an employee at Wal-Mart was KILLED by a stampede of shoppers this morning in the Black Friday rush. I have to wonder if those involved in the stampede were (struck? moved? I'm having a hard time finding an adjective that isn't a bad pun) truly affected by what happened or if they just felt bitter that their Friday sale shopping had been set back by the subsequent Wal-Mart closing. Vaughn and I will be braving IKEA today but I think we'll wait an hour after opening to avoid potential death.

12/5 **UPDATE**
Medium Goldie is dead. (Regular) Goldie appears to have chewed off her fin. I've been told "fin" is finished in French. R.I.P. M.G.

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