Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Published! Ummm...sort of.

Jacob had my blog made into a book! It is the best gift ever and there is something so fun about being able to see all these entries and pictures in hardcover from the comfort of my own couch. All three of us gathered 'round to laugh over some old memories and coo over some old pictures. There were a couple sensitive moments though and I was told by Vaughn that certain posts were not to be shared with anyone - EVER.

The best part though is that Vaughn has decided to start his very own blog! It is called "A Life" and is at VaughnsLife.blogspot.com. I really hope he keeps up with it because being able to retain the little things from the day to day, particularly from your childhood, are worth more than he can even imagine at this point. I have the "Book About Me" from the first grade where I posit some key theories such as that Jesus was in fact the most important American that ever lived or that the dinosaurs are extinct because they ate each other. Things that really show I should have been TAG tracked much earlier.

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