Monday, January 3, 2011

Career Aspirations

Vaughn is an exercising fiend these days. When he is not shooting hoops outside, beating on the punching bag in the basement, or nagging Jacob to take him to an indoor basketball court he can be found doing a bunch of random exercises in ordered succession around the house. These include running and jumping over the arm of the couch, lifting weights over his head and running up and down our stairs. While I admire this interest in physical fitness, I'm sad to report that all these steps must be done to Lady Gaga's Poker Face on repeat - a song I am now hard pressed to ever remember liking.

This training is not without a purpose however, it is directly tied to his career goals. Vaughn's employment road map can be laid out like this (in order):

1. Work at 24 Hr Fitness for seven years (Not as a trainer- in the kids area. This is apparently what happens when you don't give your child the sibling they want).

2. Play professional basketball as member of the Blazers for two years (He is focused on seeking vengeance against the Utah Jazz - this is the only game he's actually seen but has stuck with him the way that a hero in a movie might spend a lifetime hunting their parent's murderer).

3. Back to 24 Hr Fitness for another go in the Kid's Club. Number of years still estimated at seven.

4. Then the undetermined "weird job out at the Oregon coast." I'm guessing this is where he'll retire so hopefully the benefits are good.


Karen said...

Back again to 24 hour fitness! He must see that as a cozy place. A coming home of sorts.

As usual, I love this!

Anonymous said...

I should really take a page from Vaughn's book. Exercising AND career goals? He's way ahead of me...