Thursday, May 14, 2009

You....Not You....You

Selecting who is attending the birthday party is rife with consternation - although admittedly it is limited to the parents at this age. Vaughn was solid on who was attending his birthday party (and it was primarily people who had been available at recess the previous week) but Jacob and I knew there were loyalties, commitments and obligations to uphold. With a little haggling we got the list to both a reasonable number and ensured we'd be able to continue to look some of our friends in the eye.

After invitations went out we realized we'd neglected to put any sort of RSVP information on the invite so I decided to do just a quick follow up note. On his actual birthday I took Vaughn to school with a small stack of inconspicuous pieces of paper and began to frantically stuff boxes before any more parents came in.

Suddenly, out of the classroom came a little boy not invited to the party. What are those? he asked me, Invitations? I sort of felt like the Grinch getting busted by little Susie Who on Christmas. Without making eye contact I coolly replied, Noooooo, they are reminder notes for parents. (Score! Technically true!) He pointed at his box, This is my box - I sometimes forget things. Then he hovered....waiting. I started to break into a mild sweat and, hoping to ditch him went into the class to speak with the teacher. After nervously mumbling something about the muffins we'd brought I exited to deliver the last slip of paper. Heartachingly, he followed me and watched to see where the last slip of paper would go. I turned and walked out of the building without making eye contact with him again. Get used to it kid, it only gets worse. I should have said they were flu shot reminders.

** Update: Apparently Vaughn deflected the blame to us by saying that he wasn't invited because, "My parents don't know you that well."

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