Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vaughn Turns 7

Last Saturday the blessed birthday party day finally arrived and like all birthdays thus far, it was pretty formulaic (Arrival-free play-game-pinata-cake-gifts-anxiously wait for parents to come claim children). This was the first party we'd had where parents could either hang out or drop-off and it actually made things a lot calmer with most parents choosing the drop-off option.

Literally two days before the party (and well after all supplies had been purchased) Vaughn started telling everyone he was having "a pirate party" despite the fact that nothing we'd bought fit the theme (I guess it is less exciting to say "I'm having a generic birthday-themed birthday party!"). In an effort to throw him a bone I tried to sketch out a rendering of Jack Sparrow for pin-the-eye-patch-on-the-pirate. It ended up a weird combination of overly serious (with the face being done in pencil with lots of shading and detail) and cartoonishly simplistic (with the rest of the picture being quickly added in Sharpie minutes before the party).

The highlight of the afternoon was when the majority of the kids had left and it was down to Vaughn and just a few friends who were scheduled to stay later. As they sat out on the back deck playing with his newly acquired Bakugan and Bionicles, Vaughn reclined back in his lounger and earnestly asked, "Would anyone be up for some finger knitting?" There was no reply and the play continued.

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