Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vaughn Turns 11

Yesterday was Vaughn’s birthday party and we splurged and had a bunch of boys over to the house for backyard laser tag. Everyone appeared to have a great time, despite the fact that one team kept dominating the other.

For party snacks, Vaughn requested both Cheetos and the holy grail of forbidden snack foods - Doritos. I don’t understand the obsession with Doritos but near as I can tell, 5th grade boys go bonkers for them. At the beginning of gift opening, Sten interrupted to say, “Guys, I just have to warn you - Doritos make me cranky. I don’t know why but they do.” No one paid much attention to Sten’s Cheesy Hulk warning and he stayed in good spirits throughout the remainder of the party.

Update: After school today a couple girls in Vaughn’s class brought over a couple younger sisters and were trying to get Vaughn to stop playing basketball long enough to talk to them. After a couple times of calling his name elicited zero response, they gave up and wandered away. As we were walking to the car I asked Vaughn what that was all about. Vaughn said that he thought they were trying to get one of the younger girls to wish him a happy birthday or something. I gently chided him for ignoring them completely to which he responded that he had to because he was the defender in basketball. Hrishi, who at 8 months older is much more savvy in these things said, “Vaughn, I don’t care who you are defending - even if it is the greatest basketball player in the world you ALWAYS stop if girls want to talk to you.”

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