Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Biggest Fan

Today Vaughn told me that he was talking to a classmate about Portland Trail Blazer and Rookie of the Year, Damien Lillard. “That’ll be me someday,” Vaughn apparently said confidently (it’s worth noting that Vaughn is so technically smart about basketball, I almost think this is less a case of Vaughn actually believing he will be Rookie of the Year and more a case of Vaughn knowing through careful study that the best basketball players are a self-aggrandizing and cocksure force to be reckoned with and one must act the part - a sort of fake it before you make it). His Doubting Thomas (Ben) friend replied, “Maybe.” Sten, the ever loyal and best friend/sidekick that a future anybody could ever hope for piped in, “Oh no- I know Vaughn and whenever he puts his mind to anything - he does it!” With friends like that, who needs Rookie of the Year.
I took this picture today on the way to school. Vaughn was particularly chatty and gave me a whole dissertation on the importance of matching your clothes. Not just in color combinations, but also how if it was a “Ducks” day - the clothing should all be Ducks (likewise for Blazers and Sharks).

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