Monday, April 20, 2009

Hooray for Warm Weather

This weekend it was in the 70's and I was just beside myself with things I wanted to get done. On Sat. morning I convinced Vaughn that we should go out to Sauvie Island first thing to walk/bike (him biking, me walking) the loop trail.

We threw ourselves in the car and were out there enjoying the frogs croaking and birds chirping in no time flat. Unfortunately, I had misjudged the trail quality for someone of Vaughn's dirt biking skill and when he had fallen for the second time he was howling that he wanted to go home. As we walked back (me pushing the bike) in relative silence, he finally said, "Why did we even come out here?" The majesty of the natural surroundings was almost totally lost on him until I was able to save it at the last minute by finding an 18 inch long garter snake and picking it up by the tail.

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