Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It used to be that 'round these parts we heralded the comings and goings of Menagerie pets with a blog post. But then I sort of fell off the blogging wagon and coming back to it is akin to that overwhelming feeling you have when you sit down to write in a diary that you haven't written in for a long where you just can't be bothered with every.little.detail. So, just as if you were reading my diary at 14 and you'd have to understand that I used to like this boy and now I like that one; you'll just have to understand that we used to have those pets and now we have these - without a lot of explanation as to how that all came about.

At any rate - meet Missy! Our slightly pudgy, slightly cross-eyed, half-Siamese cat. I saw this very picture a few months ago on the Humane Society website and was delighted to discover she was still available. This picture cracks me up because it is obvious they are trying to downplay her being cross-eyed by showing as little as possible of her eyes in the picture. She came named Missy (second most popular name for cats! The Jennifer of cats!) and we tried to think of something else but nothing stuck. We tried "Boots", Jacob pitched "Calliope" and Vaughn bizarrely suggested "Tiny Dancer" (apparently from a movie he had seen) but Missy was just what we kept going back to (unless I am calling her "Special Baby Princess Kitty" which happens more than you might think).

Vaughn and I adore her. Jacob is taking a little longer to warm up. I think his heart still hurts for Hannah.

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