Friday, November 1, 2013

In the Spirit

At 11, we're closing in on the end of the trick-or-treating years. I told Vaughn that it generally wasn't acceptable to trick-or-treat past age 12 or 13 and he reacted as though I had told him that his childhood would be ending and he'd be sent to work in the mines. Luckily, Vaughn really likes handing out candy. I was assigned the job of 'dog holder' so that he could don his costume and answer the door.

This year, he went as the Blazers Mascot, Blaze. When he first told us that he wanted to be Blaze, he also informed us that it would have to be purchased as a homemade Blaze wouldn't do. Well, you can't exactly go out and buy an NBA mascot costume off the shelf and besides, Jacob and I felt pretty confident we could whip together an acceptable Blaze.

We watched a video on how mascots costumes are made, purchased carvable foam from a specialty store and went to work. Vaughn got into the spirit of making the costume and even helped put it together. Ten hours and about 50 hot glue gun sticks later we had our Blaze head. It had to be jerryrigged together with multiple stick pins but my philosophy on Halloween costumes is that they only have to hold for a couple hours.

Unfortunately, as we were out trick-or-treating, one of the pins that was glued under a layer of fabric started poking through the foam. Jacob spent about five minutes literally trying to gnaw the pin out before I decided to go all MacGyver and stuck two Starbursts on the end of the pin to cover it for the remainder of the evening.

In addition to candy, Vaughn also got a visit from the Tooth Fairy since he lost a tooth on a Mike and Ikes. We're going to have him wear the costume to the Blazer game next week so I guess I'll have to come up with a permanent pin solution before then.
Vaughn and his zombie pal, Sten

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