Friday, September 10, 2010

Hannah - The Golden Years

In recent months the cat has taken a very sharp turn to favoring Jacob over me. She was always a real equal-opportunity pet with no real allegiance toward anyone but the person petting her at the time so this is a surprise. She regularly demonstrates her preference for Jacob by wedging her fat body onto the three inches of mattress between Jacob and the edge of the bed rather than spreading out in the expansive space between us in the middle. Last night, after Vaughn crawled into bed with us, she delicately stood on the edge of Jacob's pillow, hovering over his face and patiently waiting for a spot appropriately close to him to open up until he woke up and said, "What are you doing, Hannah?"

Now it's true that in the past I may have unceremoniously tossed her to the floor for cleaning her toenails in bed. And just maybe on occassion I've nudged her out of the way a bit forcefully when she has woken me up at 4 am with incessant meowing to be fed (and then CONTINUES to meow while I'm trying to feed her). But gentle reader you must understand that this is just setting appropriate cat boundaries. Anyway, Hannah is now over 16 years old and honestly, I think I have a short amount of time to turn this around or I'm out of the will.

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carl said...

This made me laugh - a lot.
Our cat Lima has always liked me better. We got her for Jenny, but Lima prefers male energy.

Jacob's coworker