Sunday, August 22, 2010


Vaughn has been obsessed with Michael Jackson for some time. He surrounds himself with MJ books and videos and has even assembled a small wardrobe for performances. The dance performances are an almost daily occurrence and he has really gotten quite good. We did have to tell him there would be no crotch grabbing so we have to just wince when he substitutes dramatic pelvic thrusting. My favorite part is how he has even taken to mimicking Michael Jackson’s facial expression – a permanent furrowed brow and locked lower jaw. The only part of the MJ obsession is the way he has become a yard stick by which everyone and everything is measured. Any reference to a person, musician or not, is followed up with the question, “Is he famous?” and then the inevitable, “More famous than Michael Jackson?” It’s really hard to compete with that kind of fame- even when you’re Gandhi.

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