Monday, October 19, 2009

Vaughn and Sten Write a Song

Vaughn's class had a roller skating party at the community center last Saturday and the song list, as developed by the class, ranged from the classic-albeit-a-tad-bit-juvenile (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) to the clearly-influenced-by-parents (My Generation) to the not-quite-appropriate (Katy Perry's Hot and Cold). That last gem was provided by Vaughn and as the person in charge of providing the playlist CD, Jacob had to download the karaoke version to get a version that didn't include swearing. While she is likely to be soon forgotten, Vaughn will be able to cite Katy Perry as one of his earliest influences. I came across these song lyrics that he said he co-wrote with Sten:

You used to be
Hot and Boring
Now you are like
Nothing I've ever seen
Like a rock in the ocean

Annalee pointed out that Vaughn had probably been the main driver for the racy lyrics since, after all, he had been the one who was once overheard telling Sten to envision "a princess dancing on the beach in her bikini." I was surprised that at this tender age he's already realized that most hot people are boring.

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annalee said...

I'm really not so child-centric as to always claim "MY CHILD couldn't possibly do something like that." Or at least I hope I'm not like that. Usually it's more about how incredibly amazed I am at Vaughn's imagination. I'm going to be proud to tell people that I often took care of him when he was young. ("THE Vaughn???" they'll gasp.)