Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooray4Pie and More

Check me out! Gettin' a blog! Makin' a blog! Big shout out here to mom, dad and Aunt Peggy who are bound to be the most loyal fans. I'm joining the millions who think people want to read their everyday thoughts and opinions. Actually, I think this will just be a cool way to share the day to day stories of Vaughn and the rest of the gang.

Tomorrow night we'll be watching the final debate (whew! sort of like a runner that barely makes it to the finish line). At my suggestion we're doing a "Last Supper" potluck theme. You are supposed to bring two dishes you'd want as part of your final meal. It's macabre- but it's election season and Halloween so I'd say it's perfect. Plus that guy just got executed despite the court argument that he was too obese- do you see how it all fits together?

Anyway- this is enough creativity for one evening. An attempt to put up a picture and then it's off to the couch for a movie. Oh- and Hooray4Pie? Yeah- had to pick something.

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